kaSam on Painting

I can have 5 or 6 brushes in my hand, my mouth, behind my ear and the mess is glorious.

‘3D’ Plaster Artworks

Creating an Extra Dimension – Literally

Base Layer of Plaster - '3D Canvas'
Applying the base layer of plaster to the canvas creates contours and shapes – a ‘3D canvas’ that changes its appearance depending on the ambient light.
Creating the base layer with the plaster is such a sensuous experience.
I loved working with this 3-dimensional 'canvas' and the beautiful way the shadows and highlights change with the ambient light.
Layers of acrylic paint are added before the final touches of copper and gold leaf are carefully applied to emphasise the highlights and create catchlights.
Alchemist's Dream - Original Artwork

Alchemist’s Dream

The finished 3D Plaster Original artwork is available to buy.

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Painting Acrylics

Intensity & Immediacy

I am a tactile person and acrylics allow me to use my hands as well as brushes and pallet knives and really connect with the paint and canvas. Yes they dry quickly, but that has an immediacy that appeals to me. Like my poetry, once I have a picture in my mind I have to get it out. The images appear on the blank canvas in front of me and beg to be painted.

Work in Progress

This piece (shown in its early stages) was inspired by a photograph taken in the woods near Maidenhead with early morning sunlight glinting through the leaves.

It is similar in some ways to, “In The Clearing“, but the emphasis here is different as the scene is lit from behind rather than above.

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