kaSam on Poetry

Poetry is fundamental to kaSam as an artist. The poems are raw, exposed and always written directly from the heart. They are a way of processing the emotions from everyday life – kasam.life.

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Once I hear a poem in my head I have to write it down. If I don’t do it immediately the poem disappears. It's like the words are knocking on a door to get out.


A Selection of Popular Poems

  • Mind your manners
    Mind your tone
    Mind their feelings ...

  • Every cadence of your voice makes my heart quicken.
    It doesn’t matter what you say ...

  • As I walked along the beach, deep in my own misery I stumbled and fell ...

  • What I found was someone shy, and quiet.
    Who didn’t want to be centre stage ...

A New Poem Each Month

Each month an inspirational new poem is premiered in Kasam Life – our monthly review of what’s new and inspiring from the world of creative ideas.

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