The Things You Find

The Things You Find


I thought I knew all about me,

That there wasn’t really much to know.

I was always the strong one,

The one who just got things done.

Life and soul of a party,

Someone everyone else could rely on.


Until one day I broke,

All my little pieces shattered into tiny

Shards, flying in all directions.

Strangely enough everyone just

Jumped out of the way.

Not one person tried to catch me.


And when I tried to sweep up myself,

I realized that it wasn’t me really,

All those little pieces didn’t even look like me.

They were sharp and gaudy and lifeless.

And when I tried to put them back in place,

Not one of them fit.


So I had to really focus to find me.

To look through all the debris to find

Even one small piece.

What I found was someone shy, and quiet.

Who didn’t want to be centre stage,

She wanted peace, quiet, calm


To create and support and reflect,

To love and cherish those who were really important.

The ones that saw through the glass wall and

Didn’t run. Who didn’t expect anything from me

But love.

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