When I think of you,

My mouth automatically curves into a smile

Even at my lowest

You have that affect on me.

When I am in my dark place,

I have only to think of you, to know

There is a way out, I just reach for your hand.


When I talk to you,

Every cadence of your voice makes my heart quicken.

It doesn’t matter what you say,

It’s how you say it.

When you are in your dark place,

I want to reach in, and,

Pull you to safety, Keep you with me.


When you breathe on me,

You blow away the pain I lock inside me

For those moments I am free.

When you kiss me,

Your tongue deep, tasting my mouth,

I am part of you, You are the whole.


When you are beside me,

I feel every part of your feelings,

They are my feelings,

I am safe. When you love me,

I am the greatest person in the galaxy.

When I love you,

I sink to my knees in gratefulness.

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